Out of Left Field - Raine Norman 3.5 stars

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After a crappy day in which Jake Wentworth catches his lover, Mikey, cheating on him, Jake’s exhausted and just wants to go home and enjoy his two days off. As a concierge, Jake’s just about seen everything but he’s still bewildered when a new guest is not only rude but eventually asks for a delivery of KFC’s finest… and without anyone knowing. Then, the next morning, Jake runs into the same guest, Billy Smith, and after a bit of awkward flirting, the two hit it off. What comes next is a weekend filled with fun but when the games are over is there still a chance of a future for them?

One thing I really liked about this story were the characters. Jake’s only been living in the States for about three months so he’s fairly naive when it comes to anything American, especially sports. The two bond over being tourists and I found this completely adorable since Billy liked to tease Jake about a lot of things. Billy is more of an enigma. He’s sweet and charming with that southern drawl that’s oh so sexy but he’s very secretive, for good reason. While the characters don’t have much depth to them, I still really enjoyed their interactions. I loved their banter but I also found them hot and sexy. The story revolves solely around them, how they meet and get to know each other but ultimately deciding if continuing something further is worth it for both of them.

The biggest, and I think my only, issue with this story is the length. This is one of those books that would have been amazing if it had been longer but since it was so short, it feels vague and just touches the surface of not only the characters but the relationship they develop. Since it is short, there’s more telling than showing of their dates, when they get to know each other and of when the feelings start to become stronger. I missed that about the story because I really loved these characters and getting a deeper look into them would have been amazing. Besides that, I felt like the secret Billy was hiding and how he revealed it was a bit cowardly. I’d have liked him to own up to it himself instead of the way he handled it.

In the end, this was a good story. Although hindered by the length, I won’t deny that I adored the characters and their journey simply because they were cute, funny at times, and I loved the connection between them. The story left me with a feeling that one day, things can be as accepting as they were in this book. For those looking for something sweet, simple and easy to read give this one a try because it’ll no doubt leave you with a smile :)

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