Soul Magic (Triad, #3) - Poppy Dennison This is probably one of my favorite m/m paranormal series so far. Given this is the last book in the series, it was the perfect ending to this already great storyline.

I love that we finally got Liam and Cormac. They are both such fascinating characters that I was anxiously awaiting their story. At the start of this one, Cormac is a bit messed up still from the events in the last book, [b:Body Magic|15833836|Body Magic (Triad, #2)|Poppy Dennison||21570399]. He's scared of hurting everyone especially Simon and the kids. Liam is both worried and upset over Cormac's disappearance because it's hurting his alpha-mate, Simon. Liam and Cormac together were so hot, I loved how great their chemistry was. They also worked so well together. When one of them was thinking of something and trying to convey it to everyone else, the other would pick up on the train of thought and be able to make sense of it. It was both amusing and so adorable.

I loved that this story picked up very close to the end of the last book because we got to see how everyone was handling what happened. This was definitely a suspenseful ride with some very shocking moments (Like I seriously can't believe you did one thing, Poppy!) to sweet and intense moments. I had a blast reading this one because we got to see everyone again AND finally get the missing pieces to the puzzle that had everything making much more sense. I had no idea I had questions leftover from the previous books until I read parts and went "OMG, that makes so much sense now!" More than that, I loved how everything played out, especially the end, because it had me hanging on the edge of my seat.

I will say that at first, it was hard for me to remember what had happened in the last story but as the book progressed, the more and more I was reminded of what happened, which I'm so thankful for. The only drawback of the story is that I wish there had been more Liam and Cormac together as a couple. In the beginning, we see their relationship start to blossom. That chemistry you could see in previous books bringing them together intimately. However, the farther into the story, the less we got of them together alone. There are a few moments interspersed where they are showing their feelings but not as much as I was hoping so towards the end, I didn't feel like they were definitely mates (like I felt towards Simon/Gray & Cade/Rocky). This was bittersweet because I loved that we got more of Simon and Gray but saddened that it took away from Liam and Cormac's relationship.

All in all, Soul Magic was a great ending to a fabulous series. As usual, Ms. Dennison's writing was amazing and the pacing was perfect for this story. I loved that everything is concluded and I'm definitely satisfied with finally getting a resolution to the overall conflict throughout the story arc. I loved this world and I'm hoping that maybe one day we'll get a spin-off or something (hint hint, wink wink) :D