Still - Mary Calmes It's no secret that I'm a big Mary Calmes fan. She is like comfort food for me. I always know what I'm going to get and I know I'm going to enjoy it while I eat read it.

In this one we see a different type of conflict. Sivan and Walter have been together 17 years and raised two kids but now things are stagnant to the point Sivan asks for a divorce thinking it's what Walter wants and what they both need. This story spans over nine months and shows what these two are like during their pending divorce. Situations happen that require them to run into each other and it's just a matter of time before one of them pulls their head out of their ass and realize the best thing in their life is the love they have for each other. The "home" they've created together.

I loved both Sivan and Walter because of how they complete each other. That bickering only couples who have been together forever and are still fond of each other can only achieve is just so adorable to me and these boys do a lot of that. Sivan is very stubborn and adamant that Walter doesn't really want him while Walter is very firm in the fact his feelings haven't changed but unfortunately, Walter relies on actions instead of words and Sivan is pretty oblivious so he doesn't understand what Walter is trying to show him. Sivan is as far into denial as you can get but I found his stubbornness amusing. I also loved that Walter, while giving Sivan his wish of separating, still is very dominate and aggressive whenever they meet up. *sigh* I can't help it. I just love characters that are pushy and Walter is exactly that. Calmes has a tendency to write the same characters over and over but since they're always dominating, possessive characters, I don't mind that all her stories have the same guys. Plus, these two were so sweet and cute together. Their passion ran deep and even after being separated for nine months that never stops but just gets more intense.

My only problem was that there was too much sex for me. Thankfully no sex that features other people besides Sivan and Walter but with such a short story, it's hard for me not to get a bit annoyed when there's so much smut. Most likely others won't feel this way because I have a very low tolerance for smexy moments (and it's been even worse lately). So, I started losing interest after the third sex scene. Beyond that, the little conflicts throughout the story were a tad weak, as well as the final conflict but that didn't deteriorate my enjoyment of the story. The ending was so cute, although, I wished it had been a bit longer so that we could have gotten to know more about what happens next.

Overall, a good story but that's no surprise, IMO. I loved the characters, their bickering, and their stubbornness. I wished it had been longer because I felt like things were just getting started and a new chapter was opening up for Sivan and Walter but it was still a very amusing and enjoyable read.