Brute - Kim Fielding I enjoyed this story quite a bit. I loved Brute as a character but I felt very sorry for him at times. He's had a rough life and the fact that he's so tall and not exactly the prettiest person in the world made me like him even more. I liked Gray, as well. He was an interesting character and I really liked learning of his background. Although, at times, I felt like we could have learned more about him because even now I feel like he's a bit vague and can't get a clear picture of him.

I had a few issues with the story, though. The excessive talk about the brothels and prostitutes and all that jazz really annoyed me. I'm not very fond of anything relating to prostitution so the moments around them and Brute talking about them weren't my favorite. On top of that, I felt like the story dragged at times. I would be liking it and then I'd hit a lag to the point once I put it down, it took a while to pick back up. I also felt like some of the questions that I had weren't answered by the end and considering what Brute and Gray go through, I was expecting some more concrete answers.

In the end, I loved the world and I loved the characters. The adventure Brute and Gray go on was entertaining and fun to read about. Even with it dragging at times, it was still a good story but I hope we get a sequel one day because I don't feel like their story is completely over just yet.