Snakeskin Boots - Xara X. Xanakas I'm a sucker for shifters and I just couldn't pass up reading about a snake and a wolf. I really liked this one. Jeff, a boa, is extremely snarky and funny. I was laughing so hard at times. I really enjoyed him as a character. Brad is the big bad wolf and I liked his possessiveness and unwillingness to give Jeff up even though it causes a lot of trouble for everyone. I especially liked that Brad "stalked" Jeff for weeks before making his move.

It was cool to see all the characteristics of a snake come out in Jeff's mannerisms. He was usually good at hiding them but when he was really agitated or horny, a few slipped by. I liked that he was such a sun worshiper and the references to how he felt by vibrations and scenting the air with his tongue.

The plot is interesting and I was kind of happy Jeff's ex came back in a pair of boots (although it is sad). You pretty much know who the bad guys are and what's happening but it was still fun to watch it all unravel and see how everyone comes to the rescue when the time comes.

My only problems with the story were the overuse of the word "eggplant" to describe Brad's cock. I have no problems with the word but after the sixth reference it grew tiresome. Although I found "Abbott and Costello" quite hilarious. I also felt like there was way too much sex for my tastes but that's probably just me.

All in all, I really liked the book. It was definitely entertaining and there are plenty of secondary characters I'll be anxiously awaiting stories on!