Beach Balls - Tara Lain I really enjoyed this one. It was my first book by Ms. Lain and while it is third in a series, I didn't read the first two because I heard it wasn't necessary.

I really liked how Adam and Sky meet and have an instant, intense connection only to find out later on that they are on opposite sides of a major environmental project. It was sweet how they connected and how Adam was very open about being in the closet and how Sky accepted that. I LOVED how they met. It was so cute how Sky refers to Adam as the octopus terrorist. Just adorable. My heart broke when these two finally realized who the other was and how, even though they broke it off, they still couldn't stop thinking about each other.

It's a nice story but I wished there had been more from Sky's POV. We get very few scenes from his perspective. I also wish some scenes were played out instead of told later on. My biggest problem, though, was the sex. There's no much but the constant talking and references to cowboys, broncos, studs, etc. while doing it really turned me off, unfortunately.

Beyond that, I really liked the story. These two were awkward and nervous around each other but so cute. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series because the mention of previous couples has me intrigued.