Dark Soul Vol. 1 - Aleksandr Voinov I'm at a toss up on how to rate this. On one hand, I really liked the story. It had a grunge, harsh feel to it but on the other, I was uncomfortable with some of the scenes.

I've always loved Voinov's writing and combine that with this being a mafia story, one of my favorite themes, this book appealed to me a lot. It's a brutal world and Voinov's ability to capture that in such a short time is simply amazing. Already I love Silvio. He is just himself. He's dangerous and sex identified, IMO. Stefano is a little harder for me to like. I'm not really sure of my feelings about him.

The thing I have the most problem with now is Stefano's cheating on his wife, who he's deeply in love with. He hasn't *technically* cheated yet but it still *felt* like it to me. With my strange moods, it's hard for me to get past that. While the format of the book is unique (multiple short stories in one book), it was hard for me to connect the two stories together. It didn't feel like a smooth transition and left me confused when I finished Dark Soul and moved to Dark Secret. I was also uncomfortable with the scenes of Falchi and Silvio but I'm also not fond of sex outside the MCs. However, the part where Stefano has Silvio tied up was hot with a bit of gun play.

Overall, the plot is intriguing and the emotional struggle in Stefano is also interesting. I'm worried about the personal aspects and how they'll be dealt with but I can't deny that Voinov always seems to test my limits, in mostly a good way.