Înflori - A.F. Henley This was a strangely captivating and slightly depressing story. While Nicolæ is blind, Dustin actually seems like the one with a disability. Emotionally damaged from his past, he doesn't allow anyone close or form any type of relationship. Until Nicolæ says a few choice words and Dustin can't get him out of his head, does Dustin realize what he's been missing and try and keep a hold of what he finally has.

At times, I really wanted to smack Dustin. He was an interesting but also frustrating character. He over-thought things and kept questioning his worthiness of having Nicolæ. At the same time, I really wanted to hug him because he was just so messed up in the head. Some of his actions were just cruel but by the end of the story, I really liked him. He's depressing but he grows within the story and that's part of why I really enjoyed the book.

Nicolæ, even though he's blind, never once gave the impression he had no sight. In fact, he saw more things than Dustin did, which I found amazing and very fascinating. Being a gypsy, he had a gift that allowed him to see things others couldn't. It was really amazing and I liked seeing him all philosophical and cryptic because it confused Dustin but also made Dustin rethink his life.

The story is essentially of Dustin changing. While there is some conflict near the end related to Nicolæ's family, the story is pretty much of getting Dustin's issues sorted out. There was one part I didn't like, regarding a lack of loyalty, but thankfully it didn't go far enough for me to really dislike Dustin. He came to his senses quickly and I'm extremely thankful for that!

Overall, it was a very good story. Rather depressing at times but also intriguing if you don't mind angst and cryptic gypsies. There were moments that were sweet, fun and hot that made the story even better. Definitely recommended for those who don't mind a slightly dark read.