Play Me, I'm Yours - Madison  Parker I adored this book. Then again I might be a bit biased because I've been in a funk and this is one of the few stories I was able to finish in one sitting without moving on to another book. It had a lot of flaws but I think the story overall is beautiful and sweet.

I liked Lucas because of his passion for the piano. I loved that just because he was picked on for how he acted or looked, he never gave up on playing the piano so it was awesome to see bits and pieces of him playing it throughout the story. To be honest, this story broke my heart a bit. Lucas is very naive and gullible. He lets a lot of people walk all over him and then gets upset over it. It's very sad and I felt for him but at the same time, he needed to grow a backbone and say enough is enough already.

I think the biggest flaw of this story, though, is that the characters beyond Lucas aren't really developed. Each secondary character (and specifically Zach) had a lot of potential but that potential wasn't necessarily reached. But more than that, I didn't like that it took so long for Lucas and Zach to get together. I felt like much of the story was focused on Lucas with Donovan, which didn't go anywhere besides creating unnecessary angst. By the end, though, I didn't feel like Lucas and Zach's feelings were genuine or as strong as they were made out to be. I also felt like the ending was very rushed and abrupt. I was expecting more after the last scene but it just ended.

Overall, though, I really liked this story because I connected so well with Lucas. He might have been a bit emotional and naive but I liked him nonetheless. Just really wished there had been more of Zach and him!