Manic Love - Satomi Yamagata This story is a bit different than what I normally read. I liked it, it was entertaining, but at the same time I didn't. The story revolves around Maki knowing Mizuguchi but having sex with Haruji. Haruji and Mizuguchi had a relationship years before but their pride made them break up. Haruji still loves Mizuguchi and Mizuguchi still loves Haruji. Maki is somewhere in the middle loving both of them but not actually 'loving' them. However, Maki knows all this so he does what he can to bring them back together.

To be honest, I found the story somewhat weird and I'm pretty sure I really only liked Ogawa as a character but I loved the art. It might seem weird but I love looking at faces in manga and most of them in this story I thought were appealing. I got confused a lot on who was speaking and what they were talking about. Also, Maki is sort of a 'free spirit' you could say (or a slut) but he's not gay. Although, he has a lot of sex with guys (although it seems monogamous). In the end, I was sure Maki would hook up with Ogawa but no such luck. I wonder if he'll get his own story?

So, not a bad book, it was different, but I'm not exactly sure if that was a good thing yet LOL.