The Englor Affair - J.L. Langley I'm writing this review after my fourth reread of this book and in preparation for the next book in the series coming out soon. To say I love it would be an understatement. It's probably one of my favorite books out there.

I love how it ties in the same aspects and partial conflicts from the previous book, My Fair Captain. The world that is created in this series is exceptional and brings together science fiction and regency times but while one planet is based like Old England with the same prejudices and hostility, the other planet embraced homosexuality and created a world revolving around it. I found this extremely fascinating to see the two worlds and their inhabitants collide.

I also liked how this story dealt with a mystery of figuring out why Enlgor was spying on Regelence and how the IN was mixed into it all. I loved that Nate was still a part of the story because I loved seeing him happy after his mating with Aiden. Getting a taste of Englor was fun because Payton never experienced any of the more 'adult' entertainments especially since he was free to do what he wanted. The secondary characters were great. From Simon's friends being pranksters to his supporting uncle and his eccentric friend Dru, I loved them all! And we even got to see a bit of Cony and Steven, too!

One of my favorite things about the story was the little captions taken from Payton's journal. I found most of them very funny and witty which just made me appeal to Payton even more. I loved Si because he's noble and honest but more than that he's a man of his word. I loved how he handled everything and still made it all work with Payton in the end. Their connection was hot and intense but sweet and caring. And I loved their version of cussing by bringing up stars and planets. It was too cute! And did I mention Simon is a ginger? I fell in love with him even more because of that!

The ending was definitely cute! I'm so glad things worked out between them and how they've settled the problems that were arising. And I loved the new addition to the family! I really hope we see more of Garrett in the future! So looking forward to My Regelence Rake