Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton I've enjoyed most of Ms. Sexton's stories. I think she's a great writer. For this book, however, I can't exactly say I loved it but I liked it to a certain extent. If I could, I'd rate the first half a two and the second half a four. As it is, I'm going neutral with a three.

I will say the relationship Levi and Jaime create is great. I enjoyed the way they built up being friends then gradually escalated to lovers. I felt like their love was genuine, it's touching but heartbreaking because of their issues. They have a real connection and you can feel it especially from Levi. I enjoyed them as characters well enough but I had times throughout the story I just didn't like them. I grew annoyed with them or frustrated.

For the first half of the book, I didn't like Levi. I felt like he was a hypocritical slut who blamed other people for his decisions. It really annoyed me because he wasn't taking the blame for his actions. Not until later in the story did he actually own up to them. Jaime was a great character in the beginning and his progression with his problems was steady until the end. I felt like his recovery from being unable to do anything to all a sudden very active in riding the bike, going into crowds and having sex was a bit too fast for my expectations (and I grew bored with so many blow jobs and hand jobs :-/). I felt like there was no middle ground between his aversion and flinching from those types of scenarios to actively doing them. I also felt like Levi going from needing to have sex or go off the deep end had no middle ground at all. He couldn't even go three weeks without internally complaining about the constant lack of sex and exploding but then was able to go months without having any or even bringing it up. It seemed off to me, the leap they both took. Lastly, I hated the family but I knew they were justified because they were acting in their faith. I didn't like them but I could understand partially where they were coming from. So, in the end, I felt like they did a complete 180 without any hints of their sudden acceptance. The only person in the family I felt was handled right was the father. The others, they just accepted Levi's lifestyle just about after he quite his job at a club.

I did enjoy this book but I had problems with it. I felt like it dragged the first half and barely tolerated Levi's whinnying. It was too easy for me to put the book down but hard for me to pick back up. The middle was easier because I felt like things were actually moving along. The book is cute and had a lot of 'awww' moments that I liked. The interactions between Levi and Jaime were sweet and I ended up liking Levi again but I can't say I love him. I enjoyed how much joy Jaime got from Levi's family and I did like that Jaime made the family realize what their predilections were doing to Levi, even if I felt like their acceptance was too fast. And Dolly was just adorable!

Overall, I think I wasn't in the mood for this story. It's a good book but not a right fit for me right now. I want to give it another try someday to see if my opinion changes but until then I'm leaving with a feeling of just being 'okay' by it.