The Trust - Shira Anthony, Venona Keyes This was a fascinatingly complex world filled with danger, deceit and suspense. I was pulled in almost from the beginning with AIs and Sims and nanobots. At times, it felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book and I honestly loved it.

It's about Jake who was inserted with a Sim, which enhances his already dangerous abilities and makes him faster, stronger and more deadlier. His talents go farther than just physical skills because he has the brains to understand all the tech talk about his Sim. Beyond that, the book is about Jake coming to the realization that his mentor, and the man he's in love with, might just still be alive even though he died five years before. The story tells of Jake's journey to figure out the truth about Trace's death all the while having to be cautious of his actions because he knows he can't trust anyone and if he trusts the wrong person he could end up dead or worse.

Jake is a pretty blunt character. He's intelligent but he still has a street thugs attitude at times. He's cunning and interesting and I liked the way he'd sacrifice himself to win a fight. At times I thought he was making a stupid mistake but then would figure out later on how it all played into his planned. Trace is kind of an enigma. We get him in two different forms, the 'real' Trace and the Trace Sim (who's in Jake's head). I rather liked both forms of him because it was neat getting bits and pieces from the Sim and I really enjoyed the conversations Jake would have with him.

The story was extremely interesting, IMO. It took me a little bit to understand what was going on at the beginning but once I did, I didn't want to put the book down. There's technical speak of artificial intelligence, you learn what a Sim is and about nanotechnology and biotechnology. I'm one of those readers that appreciates stories that go into topics not widely written and this was one of those stories. Honestly, I was enamored with the whole book. One thing would happen that would have me worried and anxious, sitting on the edge of my seat and then something else would happen that would have me even more worried but then things would work out but in a way I'd never have thought that just left me going "OMG" or "WTF" but in a good way! The secondary characters also made the story more suspenseful because you never knew who was a good guy and who was the bad (except for a few definitely bad guys!). Especially Greyson, Jake's best friend, I wanted to like him but I wasn't sure if I could trust him! It was a constant game of second-guessing in my mind and I loved every minute of it.

My only problems with the story is that I had a few unanswered questions about Trace and the aftermath of his death. Trace also isn't a very developed character. Neither is Jake, actually, but we get so much of his POV that you understand him as he is. I was still able to connect with both characters, though, and I really enjoyed the relationship they developed because it drilled in the fact that they do trust each other implicitly. Beyond that, I'm not really a fan of flashbacks because it always screws up the timeline for me and the ones in this story told of what Trace was like so it was hard to keep straight between the present and the past. I was also confused at times because it seemed like the story would jump from one thing to another and occasionally that resulted without any explanations of the transition which left me bewildered.

All in all, this was exactly the type of story I loved to read about. I connected with the characters, I loved the plot and the fact it was able to keep me in suspense was a major bonus. It's not romance heavy but the feelings and relationship are there in every step of the story even if it's more in the background at times. Definitely a world I'd love to read more stories in because the whole concept around advanced technology fascinates me to no end.