Forest of Glass - John Tristan Fantasy is one of my favorite genres because I love experiencing the new worlds created. This book has a very interesting world that's made out of the forest. It was one of my favorite things about the book because it seriously is really cool.

However, this story had a lot of potential that it didn't use. The characters are interesting but it doesn't go into much detail about them. I was interested in how Leith got in the situation he got into and how he would cope with being taken to a foreign place and while we get that, we aren't given much detail on his way of living.

My biggest issue, however, was the amount of sex within the story. Ash and Leith are the main couple but we barely get any of them as a couple until the last quarter of the book. The rest of the book is sex with Orias, the Fair lord, sex between m/f couples and a lot of groping on Leith from Andrey, a sleazy lord. I was very disappointed in that because mostly there's no warning there's m/f sex in the story (multiple times you get details on it happening). There's a warning to BDSM that isn't conducive to the story at all and very mild, IMO. I'm also confused on how everything concluded. I don't really understand how Leith did what he did and was able to get away with it in the end.

I didn't really like the story because of a lot of reasons but there was just too much sex for me and because most of it wasn't of the main couple, it didn't interest me at all and brought nothing to the story. I did enjoy the little time Leith and Ash spent together. Although you don't actually see their 'love' develop because the story skips over months and scenes without showing them, just telling them in quick recaps. I missed those missing scenes, I'd have liked to see them. I did enjoy the hunt, however, and the result of it gave us some much needed Ash and Leith time, even if I thought it wasn't enough.

All in all, I wasn't really happy with the story. It's nice and some people will enjoy it but I was hoping for more from it. There's some suspense and some sweet moments that I really liked, as well as the world, but besides that, this story wasn't for me.