The Walls Have Ears (College Fun and Gays, #3) - Erica Pike This is my favorite out of the whole series! Oh man, I actually cried a bit!

I love the little twists Ms. Pike has in her stories. In this one I felt so bad for Harley. My heart kept clenching for the torture he was being put through. Devon, the man he shared a few intimate moments with, is dating his roommate and how horrible is that? Harley's so devastated when he realizes the man he's fallen in love with is dating his friend.

While Harley's yearning for someone else, Tasha, is crushing on Harley. Tasha does everything he can to get Harley to notice him instead of Devon but it takes a while for that to happen. I loved Tasha so much. He's kind of mysterious and dark but completely hot. It was sweet the way these two build their relationship. Tasha is so kind to Harley and Harley's a bit of a bastard but they're cute together. And when everything gets sorted out and Harley realizes he's been assuming the wrong things, everything gets so hot between Tasha and Harley!

In the end, this is a sweet, hot, short story. That's my only problem, though, is it's too short!!! I really, really want more of these boys. They're just too adorable not to want more of.