The Psychic's Tale - Chris Quinton Does anyone else find it a bit weird and kind of awesome how one book kind of relates somehow to the one you read right after it? Like, in this book, Jack's last name is Faulker and in Left of Center (which is what I just read) Brandon's last name is Faulkner, too! Isn't it kind of creepy? That happens to me all the time! I notice a connection between what I 'just' read to what I'm reading 'now' all the time no matter if it's not by the same author or by the same publisher or even the same genre just that they inevitably have something in common. A name, place, secondary character, occupation, etc. Does anyone else notice that? I've been thinking about it for a few months now but never said anything. Lol

Okay, didn't mean to make that part of this review so now on to the REAL review! ^_^

I have to say, I found this a great start to a new series that was both enjoyable and entertaining.

I liked Mark right off the bat. I found it funny how he's a closet psychic but an openly gay man. I just find that funny because normally it's the gay part that's closeted. Lol. Jack took a little while to warm up to. At first, he seemed like just someone who wanted to get laid so when he'd called Mark it seemed like just a booty call but as the story goes on (and Jack finally believes Mark) he started to become more likeable because he was attentive and loving to Mark while initiating some intimate gestures when he didn't even realize it he was doing it.

I have to say, this book doesn't really revolve around the romance between Mark and Jack, it's there but it's more of a subtle romance vibe than an actual major part of the story. At least it didn't feel like romance was the main focus of the book. It revolves around the curse, learning about it while trying to figure out how to stop it's effects on the Fitzwarrens' and setting into motion the first part of how to break the curse. But like I said, the romance is there but it's not the main focus of the book. I still liked it because I found the curse and Mark's power quite fascinating especially when he was actually able to channel directly into what happened in the past. The details of Mark's Safe Room felt so real to me, I was able to envision what it actually looked like.

All in all, I loved the book. It was interesting to say the least and I'm looking forward to seeing where RJ Scott and Sue Brown take the series. Definitely recommended. :)