Amor Prohibido - Ellis Carrington 3.5 stars

This was a nice, well written story. It's sweet and a tad angsty but enjoyable. I liked how the premise was different, dealing with Pakal being a spirit guide and Jake an abused man. I liked their journey together.

I think my biggest problem with the story, though, was the pacing. It begins slowly with a nice build up but then it goes by very fast. Everything happens quickly and while there's a few suspenseful moments, there's not much onscreen fighting for what they had to go through to end up together. I was a bit saddened by that because it seemed so elaborate but never shown. The rest is pretty much over almost as soon as it begins, I'd have liked more details about the ending.

All in all, a good book. I liked it and I'll be reading more by Ms. Carrington.