Etched In Skin - Ann  Lee 4.5 stars

I loved this story! It's funny and sexy and hot and so freaking sweet with great sexual tension!

At first, Gunner and Sid don't quite get along. They're both hot for each other but everything Gunner says irks Sid so the lust edged with hostility made this story catching and interesting. When Gunner pursues Sid, their tension goes up a level into scathing and something you can almost feel. The chemistry these two have is awe-worthy and delicious. I just loved these boys.

They are different, though. Gunner grew up on the streets so he's a hard man. He has a reputation of being violent when provoked and he lives up to it. He's rough and sexy but nice and he runs a tattoo shop. Sid is different. He grew up in the suburbs and just graduated from college. Kicked out by his mom, his cousin Mal takes him in. But Sid is naive and too soft. He doesn't know what being tough is and will easily forgive someone whereas Gunner holds grudges like crazy.

I think my only faults with this story is that it may be a little too short. I would have liked to see more of Gunner and Sid as a couple, though, so we could see more of their love together. I also had a hard time figuring out Sid. Not as a person because both Gunner and Sid and all the other characters are very well fleshed out, but I couldn't picture him. His ethnicity confused me because I thought he was Jamaican but a few of the descriptions about him made me question if that was right or not. So, I couldn't exactly picture who he was.

In the end, I absolutely loved this story. Sid and Gunner are definitely characters that a lot of readers will love. The two together are adorable and I couldn't help the silly little grin I had while reading them. This was a well-written and luscious book, definitely recommended.