Static - L.A. Witt This was such an amazing book. The concept is unique and interesting. Once I started, I got sucked into the story.

I loved both characters. The suffering Alex goes through being stuck as a man when he wants to be a female is quite intense as well as having his boyfriend not want to touch him is heartbreaking. The struggle Damon goes through in accepting that his girlfriend, Alex, is a shifter and stuck as a man was awe-inspiring because it would have been easy for him to just leave Alex right then.

Their relationship isn't much of a romance for most of the book but there's already feelings there so most of the story is about Damon coming to accept that his love for his girlfriend is still the same when his girlfriend is a man instead. Then there's Alex that has to come to terms with possibly being stuck as a man forever. It's sweet and intense and angsty but it was an amazing story. Plus, the world is really awesome. There are so many shifter stories out there but how many are people shifting into a different gender? None that I've read and that's why I enjoyed this book so much. It's different and unique. The book also slowly develops but I never wanted to stop reading even though there's not much suspense.

While the book was awesome, I still had a few problems with it. It's alternating first person POVs which is my least favorite. I'd forget who's POV I was in sometimes and had to reread a few passages to figure out who's head I was in. There's also a few repetitive phrases, words and meanings that grew tiresome because they were used so much. The ending was a bit abrupt, too. I'd have liked to actually see their wedding.

Aside from that, this was a truly great story, one I'd love to have in paperback. I'm glad I finally read it and curious if Ms. Witt will write more in this world someday. Definitely recommended for those who want something different.