Hot Head - Damon Suede I put off reading this story for so long because I was afraid of the whole porn star angle. It's not a favorite of mine because, honestly, the porn industry usually means sex and a lot of it. And I don't like a lot of sex.

With that said, I was uncomfortable with those parts. I didn't like that. I can understand them but I didn't appreciate them. However, I really enjoyed the story. It's a sweet, angsty gfy story that I really did like. Dante and Griff are so cute and hot. I loved their interactions and how close they were. Their discovery of each other was intense and definitely appealing. I loved their hesitant touches when they were just alone together. It was sweet to me.

While there seemed like a lot of conflicts within the book, they were all smaller conflicts based off a larger one. It was interesting to see it all play out. Some of the angst seemed unnecessary to me and could have been easily avoided, IMO. I have to commend Mr. Suede for having so many variations of the word 'cock', though. My innocent mind was boggled by the different descriptions and I found myself giggling over a few.

I really liked the story but I had a few problems with it. I felt like it ended too abruptly. There were also gaps that are skipped over I'd like to have read about. I also felt like Dante's switch from carefree ladies man to extremely possessive gay man happened way too fast. There was no transition between the two personalities, which left me flabbergasted because Dante changed so fast it left me confused. There were also numerous occasions where there was repeat actions. Griff would be standing then sit down... next thing you know it mentions him standing in the doorway and moving to take a seat. That's just an example but a few passages had scenarios like that. Lastly, I wish we'd have seen more of the coming out, for both Dante and Griff, with their family and the firehouse. It would have been interesting to see how everyone took those two ├╝ber macho guys being gay.

With all that said, I really did enjoy the book. Some parts weren't to my liking but it's an interesting story that kept me glued to the pages. Dante and Griff really are a great couple and even with this being a long book, I know I still want more of them. But I can't wait to get books on the secondary characters like Tommy and even Alek, who's totally skeevy. Recommended for those GFY lovers.