Super Sock Man - Amy Lane 3.5 stars

Going with the theme of the series, this story was very cute. I liked it a lot. Donnie and Alejandro were intense but adorable. The unrequited feelings they harbored for years was intriguing as well as how they dealt with them. I was glad that Alejandro didn't make a big deal out of 'settling' down. Donnie is just a big ray of sunshine. I was smiling every time he smiled.

I really liked the story but I felt like there was too much Chase involved in it. There was also a lot of sex, more so than the other stories in the series. Probably half the story was sex which is a tad too much for me. I still enjoyed the story, though, and am glad I finally read it since now I'll understand more of where Chase is coming from whenever I finally read Chase in Shadow.

Overall, a nice, sweet story. Although, I honestly think this should be in the Johnnies series instead of the Knitting series since it's more related to those characters but that's just my opinion.