Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux This might be my favorite of the series. While there isn't as much suspense in it as the others might have, this one brought home the fact that these boys really do belong together and they'll stay together through everything even if it means losing everything.

Ty and Zane. Christ, if only they were real. I love these boys more than probably any other couple. They are so intense, their passion leaps off the pages. Their feelings for each other are so intense, it's scorching. Especially in this addition, everything and I mean everything is laid out for them. Honestly, I really have no idea how to explain this book. I'm in love with it. Simple as that.

I loved seeing Ty's family again and the 'outing' they went through. I loved finally meeting Zane's family and how they're so different. Zane's mother is just cold and harsh and I hated her. BUT I loved the way Ty handled her. It was soooooo funny! It was interesting to see how the family took in Ty and seemed to know what he really meant to Zane. Zane's dad is just so completely awesome.

As I said, there's not as much suspense as the other books but there is suspense. I loved the kitties so much. They were adorable and possessive! It was cute how Ty hated them... but then grew so attached to them. My favorite part of the book, though, was how Zane and Ty can go from scorching heat and passion one scene but keep it business the next scene. They truly can work together as work partners and life partners and understand each other and the importance of the different roles. The mystery they landed themselves into was interesting and had me fascinated by the turns it took. Definitely intriguing.

All in all, an excellent book. There will never be a Ty and Zane book I could not like. They are just too amazing for me not to praise them. I felt like they grew a lot in this one, though. They pretty much have everything out in the air now and I'm curious where it'll go from here.