Sex And The Single Zombie - Cassandra Gold This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Peter’s been lonely enough to give online dating a change since his reanimation two years prior. After two disastrous dates, he meets Shane1990 who’s shocked Peter’s a zombie. Feeling the rejection, Peter gives Shane an out. Instead of leaving, Shane stays and gives their date a try. As it happens, Shane and Peter hit it off. They have a lot in common. What follows, is numerous long phone conversations and eventually a second date. On that date, Peter meets Shane’s friends who are mostly nice, except for one nasty friend. Even though Peter’s a zombie, Shane has some real feelings for Peter and there’s strong attraction between them. When they go home together, they realize just how intense their attraction is and Shane gets a bit more personal with Peter’s zombie side than might be comfortable.

This is probably one of the sweetest zombie books you’ll ever read. Peter is so self-conscious now that he’s a zombie because he has to do all sorts of weird things like eat raw meat, constantly eat candy to boast his energy and ends up walking slower than everyone else. When he meets Shane, he’s excited but afraid of what will happen. It’s hard for him to believe that a hot guy like Shane would want a zombie. It’s cute but sad, in a way.

There’s some funny lines within this book that had me cracking a few smiles. Peter’s personality is enough to make anyone smile but his desire to make things as good as possible on his dates with Shane is just so cute. Then when he sees Shane actually liking him and then experiences the pleasure Shane can give him, he starts to panic a little at never wanting Shane to see what he must do being a zombie.

I don’t want to spoiler it too much but while Peter doesn’t eat people, he does eat raw meat and Shane walks in on him ‘enjoying’ a meal. It’s a nice story but it’s not very deep. We get the very basic details of Peter and even less of Shane. For instance, we don’t actually know how Peter died. Although, the concept about how Peter came back as a zombie was very interesting and gave a variation of the end of the world theory.

All in all, this was a very nice read. Perfect for someone looking for a quick and easy read that’ll put a smile on your face. It’s not very long and doesn’t lead one to believe there will be an HEA but at least there was a sweet HFN.