Just Like Cats and Dogs - B.A. Tortuga 3.5 stars

This was an adorable story. What I loved most about it is the way Gus and Sam played together. I LOVED their playing. It was so cute and really made the book very appealing. It's an interesting story with a hint of suspense and aggression because it follows an enemies to lovers theme. I liked the progression of their romance because it allowed you to somewhat see the struggle they both went through liking a different shifter breed while also allowing you to see how they connect through their playful tumbles and banter.

While I enjoyed the story, there was way too much sex for my liking. I felt like it they were doing it every few pages and even when they were too injured to be having sex! It grew annoying and I ended up skipping a ton of it. Also, there were gaps in time that I really would have liked to see but it skips over it instead and then you don't really know how much time was skipped, just that it was either days/weeks/months. I got confused a few times at who was speaking. There wasn't any indication who was saying what, just sentences of dialogue but no clarification that it was said by a certain person which grew frustrating.

All in all, I really liked the story. It was sweet and really focused on the more playful side of cats and dogs. I enjoyed it a lot but really wished it had less sex because then I'd have loved it.