Salamander Moon - Kate Roman This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Rhyan Hall inherited his floral shop from his aunt in a little town in New Hampshire that pretty much worships moose. Mike Chen is the ceramicist across the street from his shop who Rhyan’s been crushing on since he first saw Mike. One day, Mike catches Rhyan off guard and sees Rhyan shift into his salamander form. Mike is a bit freaked out over Rhyan but then he starts to understand. It’s Rhyan’s dream come true when Mike, unknowingly to Rhyan, asks him on a date. They have a great time, their connection is great and Mike is very accommodating of Rhyan’s unique nature. But while Rhyan thinks things are going well, he hasn’t realized that Mike has a secret of his own to tell.

This was a very entertaining story. It opens up in the middle of a scene so it took some time getting used to it but once I got into the flow of the story, I was hooked. I loved Rhyan’s ‘voice’. He’s a little salamander in the beginning and his actions, as well as the fact he can talk while shifted, were adorable. ‘Stamped a sticky foot on the tiles’ or ‘hanging onto the rim of the dish. He paddled his back feet nervously in the water.” These little descriptions made the story into something very cute because his mannerisms while shifted sounded funny but fitted with his attitude. I adored Rhyan especially as a salamander. He’s only a few inches long but yet he’s got such a big personality in both forms.

Mike was interesting in the way he handled finding out about Rhyan. The beginning of the story is hilarious because Mike is caught up in Rhyan’s homemade security system while Rhyan can’t do anything to help since he’s so tiny. Mike gets snippy and Rhyan gets huffy and they are just both so cute. They’ve known each other for a while so on their date, they don’t spend a lot of time talking. Things get physical quite fast.

All in all, I really liked this story. It’s cute, funny and deals with unique shifters. I liked the flow of the story, even if it was too short. Rhyan and Mike are great characters with likeable personalities. However, it ends right when things are getting good and Mike ‘reveals’ himself to Rhyan. I was left stunned because the story just cut off! I was a bit miffed with that because I eagerly want to know how Rhyan takes Mike being a huge moose. I’m hoping there’s more to come of these two because I don’t believe their story is finished. Still recommended for those looking for something short and quirky that’ll leave a smile on your face.