Eight Days - Cardeno C. I really enjoyed this one. I liked that it was told over almost a decade of time. Maccabe - the jock - was a bit dense and very frustrating sometimes but it was a charming how oblivious he was. Josh - the nerd - was my favorite, although he was way too forgiving in my opinion. The story is sweet and surrounded around Hanukkah. I thought it was very clever how the author separated each time frame and connected it with the eight days of Hanukkah.

My only problem was the length. It really should have been longer - novella size at least - because there were huge chunks of time missing that I'd have liked to see. Also, I would have liked the conflict and resolution to be more developed, whereas in the story it is over and done with very fast. The last chapter, however, left me feeling like it didn't fit the story because a lot happened between the between the ending of the second to last chapter and the beginning of the last chapter that we don't know about so I was confused and questioned how it all happened and how they go to that point. Still, a very nice read. It left me with a smile and the warm and fuzzies.