Inspiration - Henrietta Clarke This was a very enjoyable read. Centered around the journey Benji takes in realizing how much he relies on his partner and how he figures out just how much he's come to miss and love Nolan. It's a sweet story and I really liked how the whole 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' angle. Benji was very stubborn, though, and wouldn't accept that he's come to depend in Nolan so much.

One thing I really liked was the advent calendar letters Nolan wrote for Benji. I thought they were very cute and clever! I'll use that idea in the future because it'd be a sweet gift for when you can't be home. The story is very short however I noticed that Nolan, who is from Chicago, spoke like he was from the UK while Benji, who's from Scotland, spoke like he was from America. It was hard to match up the speech patterns with the characters and knowing their origins, which made me confused on who was saying what in the beginning.

Other than that, this was a nice read. A feel good story about self discovery and sweet love. Definitely should have been longer, though!