Lucky - K.M. Mahoney This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

The blurb does a very good job of describing what the story is about so I won’t go on to repeat that. It’s a cute read with some humor and funny scenarios thrown in. I found I really enjoyed it.

One of the things I really liked about the story is the fact Alli has such horrible luck. In general, he’s always clumsy but on Fridays, everything always goes wrong to the point of almost getting killed multiple times. He’s lonely but he doesn’t want to subject anyone to his wayward magic so he pushes everyone away in hopes of not hurting others. He’s sweet but socially awkward so even though he’s polite, it’s hard for him to make friends.

Michael is completely different. He bought a hunting cabin in Putman County where you can’t even hunt but as a bear shifter, having his own land is what mattered most to him. Plus, getting out of the city and away from his family for a while had its merits. He’s big, determined and patient. He knows he wants Alli and he’ll do everything he can to prove to Alli that they’d be good together. Another thing I enjoyed was that he’s a different kind of shifter. I haven’t read many books about bear shifters so it was a treat getting to see Michael’s bear side – who he named Bruce – be playful and connect just as much with Alli as Michael does.

Their time together is cute, it made me smile almost the whole time because of how clumsy Alli is and how much trouble he tended to get into. I loved the way Michael handled and accepted Alli when Alli revealed his true self with Michael. Some minor conflicts happen within the story – a little mystery, another suitor – where Michael gets protective and possessive of Alli. While they moved the story along, I felt like the main focus was of Alli’s development and how he comes to terms with Michael and everything Michael makes him face.

All in all, this was a nice read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We got to meet Michael’s brothers which was very fun. This one left me with a smile on my face when I finished the book so I’m really looking forward to the next in the series, [b:Tristan|16099046|Tristan|K.M. Mahoney||21908418].