There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays - Shawn Lane This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

3.5 stars

Mackenzie Grayson is a relationship phobic fashion designer. Going from one guy to another suits his needs just fine after a bad break up years prior. Moving to Hawaii also did the trick where he met Connor and they became fast friends. Now, Mac is being guilted into spending the holidays with his family in Los Angeles but when Connor breaks up with his boyfriend, Mac invites him to come along. While there, with the threat of an ex-one night stand and a little mistletoe, Mac finally realizes just how much Connor has come to mean to him.

This was a sweet story. I enjoyed the scenes between Connor and Mac. I adored Connor because he’s so flamboyant and exuberant. He’s extremely excited about spending the Christmas holiday with a family that goes above and beyond the Christmas spirit. His awe of everything Christmas related he came across was very fun. I liked Mac, although he seemed a bit obnoxious to me. Mac’s family were cute, though, because they were so grateful to finally have Mac home.

The story doesn’t go into much detail about anything. In fact, that was one of my problems. While we get to see the connection between Connor and Mac, we really don’t know much about them or their back stories. The bad break up Mac experienced isn’t talked about so it left me with questions over just how bad it was or who this mysterious ex-lover was. Because the story is so short, we only see the build up to Connor and Mac’s eventual intimacy and afterwards, that is pretty much it. I would have liked to see how these two incorporate their new relationship from friends to lovers into their lives.

As it was, this story was short and cute but lacked a necessary depth to allow me to love the characters. I still enjoyed the story because it gave me the warm and fuzzies and left me with a smile. It’s a great read for those looking for some Christmas spirit and a great pick me up.