Pricolici - Alicia Nordwell This was an interesting story that I quite enjoyed. A bit different from the common shifter premise, this author created a different language for the culture of wolf shifters.

I really liked that there were surprises around Tucker and that we learned them when he learned them. Tucker is a bit different from all the other wolves and seeing him come to terms with that was very well-down, I thought. At times, he was a bit stupid but I still found him cute. I loved how possessive and aggressive Stelian was. And I definitely loved that Tucker wouldn't let Stelian claim him until he was ready.

The conflict within the story is a bit basic. Typical bad guy gets a hold of Tucker and Stelian has to save him. Although there's a bit of a twist on that, I still found it somewhat predictable but enjoyable. My only problem was that in the beginning, a LOT of names were given for the wolves and the world, which made things confusing and overwhelming. A glossary would have been extremely beneficial.

Overall, I really liked the story. It was entertaining and branched out from the norm of shifters, which was greatly appreciated. I would love to see more books in this world because it really was a fascinating one.