Taxes and TARDIS - N.R. Walker 4.5 stars

I absolutely adored this story! The connection between Logan and Brent was both sweet and slightly heart breaking. I loved that this had a geek/jock theme and that they both really did live up to those roles! But I really loved how even with their differences they both made allowances to try and do things the other enjoyed. Like Brent watching Dr. Who and Logan willing to go out for drinks with Brent's friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed that Brent got so flustered over Logan from the beginning and even in the end he still had that trait. It was great to see the 'geek' have some power over the 'jock'. When the conflict hit, my heart clenched and I cried a bit over how broken up Brent was over it. Even with how short the story is, it was easy for me to connect with both characters and come to love them. The author did a great job of developing that connection and showing opposites can attract and the fears and stereotypes that go along with those roles.

My only problem was there was a lot of sex. Towards the end, I was getting a little frustrated with the amount but I still really enjoyed the book. Definitely one I'll re-read and I'm hoping there's some snippets of them in the future because I'd love to see where these boys manage the comfortable relationship they just found.