The Roommate - Teegan Loy I really liked Ryan. He was funny, cute and appliances hated him. I disliked Jordan a lot. I thought he was a selfish prick. I can understand wanting to stay in the closet and making Ryan become just "the roommate" but trying to hook up with him while Jordan's family was still there but not willing to come out was just ridiculous to me. It actually made me mad and I felt really sorry for Ryan having to go through that.

Beyond that, the story isn't bad. I enjoyed Jordan's family because everyone seemed to be crazy but the coming out was a bit flat. Jordan was panicky and nervous about being found out yet he's pretty damn calm when his family catches him sleeping on Ryan's chest. I would have enjoyed a lot more groveling from Jordan but Ryan gave in too easily, IMO. The exchange of presents between Jordan and Ryan was sweet, though.