Almost Paradise (Pine Hollow Wolves #1) - Caitlin Ricci This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

3.5 stars

After two rough years, Travis is a man who has nothing now but his young daughter, Hannah. Out looking for any kind of work, he meets Liam, a strange man who gives him an opportunity to watch Liam’s dogs for the weekend for some quick cash. There’s instant trust between the two and Hannah takes a quick shinnying to Liam. There’s a connection between them but Liam’s hiding something from Travis and not only that but Hannah seems to know exactly what Liam’s hiding.

I found this story very enjoyable. While it doesn’t provide much information into Liam’s world, the characters themselves or even the relationship Liam and Travis are creating, there’s no denying that it was a cute story with some interesting road blocks. It’s a light read that was great between two heavy, long books.

I liked the fact that Travis was stressing about how to feed his daughter and his hesitance to accept Liam’s offer even though he knew Liam wasn’t a threat. I really liked Liam even if he is an enigma. He seemed simultaneously very old but young, yearning for a family of his own. Hannah was a real treat, though. She’s bubbly and energetic and I liked the fact that she fits right into Liam’s life.

Being such a short story, however, there’s a lot of questions I have left over because of the lack of details. For instance, I have so many questions about Liam and the shifter world but also about Hannah and her mysterious ability that is mentioned but never elaborated on or anything. Besides that, my biggest issue was with Travis’ ex-girlfriend. It was hard for me to understand how she went from a raving lunatic to cowering within a few sentences of Liam pulling dominance on her. It left me confused because she was human and crazy so it was hard for me to come to terms with her just giving up her pursuits.

Overall, this was a nice story although it felt like only the beginning to a journey. A light read that doesn’t dig too deep beyond the surface but enjoyable nonetheless with likable characters and a. I’m hoping the sequel provides the necessary information to answer my questions so I’m looking forward to reading it.