Pack Business - Caitlin Ricci This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

3.5 stars

Liam, Travis and Hannah are just starting to settle into their new lives as a family when things within the pack start to become troublesome. Hannah’s extraordinary gift is causing the pack to become fearful of what she represents. When push comes to shove, Liam must decide between his family and his pack but family always comes first. Now Liam has to figure out a way to keep Travis and Hannah safe by himself and build up the courage to let Travis know just how much he and Hannah have come to mean to Liam.

I liked this one better than the first one because it had more conflict that branched out to include more of the shifter community. I also felt like this one was livelier with more emotions in it. You see further into Liam as a character and realize he has a knack for the dramatic but also a world of love for Travis and Hannah. Travis is more accepting and laid-back in this book because his life is settled and not as rough as it was. Hannah is, of course, still extremely adorable and I loved the little scenes with her even if I did think once or twice that her attitude seemed like a girl older than a two-year old.

This story had more action than the last. Whereas Almost Paradise was a sweet, slow story, this one was slightly too fast for the amount of conflict within it. Regardless, I found all of it very entertaining because it was so different than the first one but also because Liam tended to get a tad snarky while he’s snarling at other shifters.

I believe this series still suffers from a lack of detail because I still have questions about Hannah and the shifter community. To be honest, there’s a six month gap between Almost Paradise and this book that would have been beneficial to read about because it seemed like Liam figured out what Hannah was, how she used her abilities and how he found out that information that would have been nice to read about. We are told instead of shown, though, and that actually created more questions than answers. Beyond that, this book was a bit too rushed, which made the resolutions for each conflict seem a tad weak. I think the fact the whole story takes place over 24 hours added to the rushed feeling. If it had been spaced out over a longer period of time with a bit more details around everything, this story would have been a very good one.

All in all, I still really enjoyed it. It’s sweet with more romance than the last book but also with more action as well. We get to see more into Liam’s side of things by meeting new shifters and getting a taste of what a shifter life is like. I do love the way Liam and Travis are progressing in their relationship even if it is very fast, it’s still sweet. I’m curious is Samson, Liam’s alpha, will be getting a story. Even though he was a bit of a bastard, I’d still love to read about him getting his own man!