Love Brokers: Mister Romance - L.C. Chase This was a very enjoyable book for me. I loved how strong of a connection Brandt and Jacob had. Their chemistry is very intense and instant and I loved that while their attraction was so strong, they didn't exactly act on that attraction. There was a sort of slow burn feel to it because they had some roadblocks (mostly Jacob's boyfriend) that stops them from acting on that attraction.

One thing I really loved, though, were their dates that weren't really dates. They were so sweet and cute and I couldn't help smiling during them because I felt like I could feel their connection. The story might be short but there's enough scenes that let you get to know both characters and see their chemistry in action.

My only problem, I think, was Jacob's boyfriend, Christopher. I couldn't really understand why Jacob was with him and for so long. He wasted years on him but then when they broke up, you really don't understand why they did. Aside from that, I really wished the story had been longer so that we could have seen how Mr. Romance and Mr. Matchmaker got along now that they're together. I will say, I adored the ending, a year after their reunion, it was very sweet.

Overall, a very good story. One that left me with a sweet smile and a hope for more.