Some Kind of Magic - R. Cooper 3.5 stars

I found this story enjoyable for a lot of reasons. The main character, Ray, is such a moody werewolf that I found him highly amusing. He had a tendency to snap at everyone, including his mate, because he couldn't act on his feelings for his mate. This mate, Cal, was also entertaining because he's sort of a hyper fairy (with wings!) that gives off glitter and how awesome is that?! I liked the chemistry between Ray and Cal. How Ray denied their relationship because he thought Cal wouldn't be faithful and understand what a 'mate' was even though all Cal wanted was to be happy, which is very important to a fairy, and Ray makes him happy. They bickered and bantered and are complete opposites but their interactions were so fun.

Unfortunately, besides the characters, the story is a bit lacking in a lot of areas. For one, Ray had a habit of bringing up, or meeting, random people (Lex, Steve, etc.), and then not explaining who they were, which left me extremely confused and wanting to know what and how these strange people fit into the story. Also, the 'mystery' was a bit weak. I pretty much knew who the killer was from the beginning. More than anything, though, I grew annoyed with how Ray would bring up the first and only time Cal went to his house and then the author included the whole scene about that encounter, which is rather long, towards the end of the story. That dampened my enjoyment because I pretty much already knew what happened during that time and repeating it was really unnecessary, IMO.

All in all, I liked the story. The fact Ray was a werewolf denying himself a life with his mate gave the story a bit of twist that I really enjoyed since they kept circling around each other. I loved it when they finally got together even if I didn't exactly enjoy the other aspects of the story. Still an enjoyable read.