Obsidian  - Jennifer L. Armentrout 4.5 stars

This book was completely awesome. Almost. I LOVED the passion and intensity between Katy and Daemon. They literally were scorching and they didn't even do anything beyond ONE intense kiss! I haven't encountered a book like that in a while so it made enjoying this one all the better. I loved that they have a love/hate relationship. One moment they are at each others throats, the next they are being nice and smiling at each other. I adored the back and forth between them especially since Katy blushed so much from Daemon's words but it was even better to see Daemon fight his attraction towards Katy so much and seeing Katy trying to fight her own towards him. It was definitely fun to see these two together. I also loved Dee. She was so cute. Vulnerable and lonely but obviously a loyal friend and fierce fighter. I hope one day she gets her own story!

More than that, I loved the way this book was handled and how different it was from other books I've read with aliens. Granted, in the beginning, I had a little Twilight déjà vu because of the whole lunch table clique but I loved the series of events Katy went through. The build up and clues of Daemon and Dee being different was fascinating to read about. I liked that Katy had her suspicions and I liked that she gets so caught up in their troubles. One thing I really liked, though, is the world the author created. The Lux verses the Arum, the condemnation towards humans, etc. It was interesting to see it all play out. But, OMG, the ENDING! INTENSE but slightly confusing! It was so great but now I'm left with a bunch of questions on HOW it was even possible.

My only problems with the story is that it seemed to drag around 70%. I ended up putting the book down for a bit because of that but more than anything, I felt like it needed more editing. There was once or twice when names were spelled wrong, punctuations missing, and grammar was off. Now I'm not a stickler for that but when *I* notice this, it's a bit distracting.

All in all, a great story with an interesting world and a set of characters with great chemistry. It's obvious Katy and Daemon's story isn't done so I'm really looking forward to what other mischief they can get into and seeing how their relationship develops!