Indie Radio 113.9 - Saura Underscore 3.5 stars

I was hesitant to read this one because of the mention of a 'true girlfriend'. That led to all types of questions like does that mean Ethan is straight? Is he just gay for Jacob? Or is he seriously in denial? Does he not want to come out of the closet? Or is he bi? Suffice it to say, Ethan is in the closet (sort of) and there's just a dash of good old fashion manipulation that takes place in this story (although in the background), which I am kind of grateful for or else I probably wouldn't have finished the story.

This book is told in a somewhat unique style and solely from Jacob's POV. We experience Jacob and Ethan's first meet that happens on Jacob's 23rd birthday at which point they are very infatuated with each other and there's an obvious connection. After that, we see Jacob two months after their break up, devastated and heartbroken, which takes place after they were together for a year and a half. We experience the yearning Jacob still has for Ethan and his struggles to trust Ethan again but more than that, Jacob is trying to find closure that he doesn't actually want... but that closure brings Jacob to the realization that Ethan is quitting the one job he's ever loved and his quest to figure out exactly why he's doing that.

I loved that Jacob had a huge crush on Ethan before they even met because of how Jacob would never miss one of Ethan's shows on the radio. Ethan had a sinfully seductive voice and Jacob could pinpoint that voice anywhere without knowing what Ethan looked like. It was very cute. I was also grateful that we didn't have to see the whole reason for their break up play out but I can't deny that I liked this author's writing enough that I might have stuck through it anyway if that was shown. There's an easy pace but it is also very fast but more than that, this author had a slightly lulling effect on me that made me want to continue no matter what these boys got into.

At the same time, I think one of the major downfalls of this short story is its lack of depth and characterization. The majority of it is told rather than shown so we don't experience most of it for ourselves but through a retelling from Jacob. More than that, even having finished the book, I still don't know much about either Jacob or Ethan and I think that was a real shame because they had a lot of potential to be those characters a reader can really connect with. Another thing, though, is the transition between their meeting and their break up was very sudden and didn't flow right. I was left confused and felt like my kindle book was missing pages.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. It's hard for me to rate it because of the gaps and the lack of depth and characterization but at the same time, I really liked the story because it was light and didn't go too deep so it made it easier to read in one sitting. It's quick and light and had a lot of potential but I did like this author's easy writing so I'll round up this time even if I was confused after each time there was a gap. Btw, I realize how contradicting I sound but I just can't help it! Anyway, it's short so I think everyone should at least try it. I do love the fact that it deals with a radio jockey and the fact Jacob crushes on the guy so hard and then gets his birthday wish to meet Ethan. Totally adorable.