Riding the Silverado - Kate Roman This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

This was an interesting story. It had a lot of potential but ultimately I don’t think it lived up to it.

This story deals with a lot of issues. On one hand you have two men who just want to keep it casual but can’t help but develop feelings for each other during their many nights together. On the other hand, these boys have to deal with not just their age difference but also the racial and gender issues. They live in a place that whites should stick with whites and latinos stick with latinas. So they both know that their relationship can’t go very far but their passion for each other is too intense for them to stop seeing one another even with the heartache associated with sneaking around and the stubbornness they both have.

Given that this story was so short, I really liked both characters. Clay is a hothead from the beginning. Getting offended and puffed up whenever he felt like he’s being slighted or about to hear bad news. It’s cute the way he blows up over the littlest thing and then realizes the conclusions he came to weren’t exactly the right ones. Warshaw is twice Clay’s age, rough around the edges and doesn’t like to put up with any hysterics. He’s gruff but he can’t help but like Clay’s spitfire. Neither of them can stop thinking about each other no matter how much time passes. I loved the chemistry they had for each other. It was definitely intense.

However, while I liked the connection these two formed, their relationship is all sex. They never talked about themselves, their wants, dreams, feelings or any of that until the very end and by that point, you are expected to believe what they have is genuine when in fact, none of it is shown. I couldn’t believe that their feelings went farther than what was in their pants. There was so much sex between them, it was too much to take and sadly I ended up skimming them :-/ More than that, there’s Spanish in this story that was not translated, which confused me because it was whole sentences and statements. So, I thought I’d ask someone I knew who’s fluent in Spanish (because Google Translator was doing a crappy job of it). What she told me was that it was terrible Spanish. The sad thing is, the author sometimes made it a point of saying so and so spoke to me in Spanish and then related what they were saying in English but then other times went with Spanish words instead with no translation. It confused me why we weren’t getting translations during these times when we were getting English other times while the characters were speaking Spanish.

Overall, this isn’t a bad read and some readers will like that it offers more smut than story but for me, it lacked the depth it needed to be a good one. A lot of their relationship is still left in the air because the story focused so much on their sex life so I’m hoping as the series progresses I’ll get the answers I seek.