Do You See Me Now - Stephani Hecht This was a cute, easy to read story about Dax, a successful special effects artist, and Lance, a coffee shop owner, who are former classmates but just happen to live in the same city, miles from their hometown. Even though they see each other everyday, it's mostly from afar and it's not until their 10 year high school reunion that they act on their attraction.

I liked this story because it was so easy to read. The premise is good, if a little cliched but I'm a sucker for stories like these so I really enjoyed it. However, while I liked it there isn't much depth to the story or the characters. We get the bare bones of both Dax and Lance so I didn't feel a real connection to them. I also felt like it needed more editing. Some of the sentences were confusing because of the overuse of pronouns and I noticed once or twice that the characters names were spelled wrong.

Overall, an okay read but I would have enjoyed it more if there was more meat to the book. As it is, it felt more like one step above an outline than an actual story.