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After reading [b:Lover Unleashed|8492319|Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9)|J.R. Ward||12784133], I didn't have much hope that I would like this book so I didn't read it. Surprisingly, I liked this one so much better than the last one, [b:Lover Unleashed|8492319|Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9)|J.R. Ward||12784133]. For one, the switch between the multiple POVs was smoother and everything felt like it was actually connected instead of the chaotic way [b:Lover Unleashed|8492319|Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9)|J.R. Ward||12784133] was where you had three different settings that weren't related at all. Plus, I really liked Tohr and No'One. I found their journey sweet and it fit their characters. Tohr was cruel at times but they both healed each other and I found it really endearing.

Given that, while I enjoyed the story a lot, I did have some problems that bugged me. Like, for example, why did Tohr not give off a bonding scent? He loved her, he cherished her, he got jealous over other males possibly seeing her naked flesh.... yet he never once omitted that bonding scent, why? It didn't make sense and the fact he already had a shellan doesn't excuse that. It's a chemical reaction just as much as a mental one and both those were on board for her to be his mate. A part of me thinks that didn't give the couple the legitimacy I was looking for. I was disappointed, to be honest but while I thought they were somewhat cheated out of that, it didn't affect my enjoyment of their story.

All in all, this book lifted my spirits a bit regarding the BDB series. I've slowly been losing interest but I really liked this one so I'm glad I finally read it.