Easy - Tammara Webber This is one of those books that is sweet and slightly predictable but one that I couldn't help but smile at while reading it.

At first, I wasn't liking the heroine, Jacqueline, because she was very hung up on her ex-boyfriend. It was Kennedy this, Kennedy that and it grew annoying after a short while. Over the course of the book, though, Jacqueline realized that Kennedy was not as great as she thought and she started to blossom into a character I really liked (with the help of a kick-ass roommate). At times she was still whinny but I liked that she didn't exactly cave to certain situations. My favorite character, though, was Lucas. I just loved him. He looks like a badass but he's sweet and caring. I can't really explain it but I love him to pieces and I wish we had gotten his POV because it would have been fun to see how he thinks.

The premise of the story is a bit predictable. I knew the 'twist' from the start and was only waiting for it to happen. I won't lie, I still enjoyed the journey Jacqueline and Lucas go on because I DO love situations such as these. Beyond that, I didn't like the foreshadowing that happened in certain parts of the book where she described what happened or told of a conversation that took place before the current situation she was in. It grew annoying because it was part telling/part showing and it didn't feel like it flowed, IMO.

In the end, I liked the story a lot. I was left with a silly smile and a satisfied mind. I might not have liked certain elements within the story but the journey Jacqueline takes showed that she grew as a character and became stronger in the end.