Bound By Guilt - Sandra Bard I was afraid to read this one because of the blurb. As someone who doesn't like cheating, I wasn't going to read this because of "Kit sets out to seduce Cory and bulldozes through his denials, but when Cory finally gives in, his lover, Sasha, catches them with their pants down." To be honest, I was afraid the whole 'seducing' would take up a good part of the book. Only after I was assured this wasn't the case was I willing to pick the book up.

As it was, I really enjoyed it. It starts with a bang that had me captivated enough to read more and then more and then more. However, regardless of the beginning, this is actually a slow, mellow read. It obviously revolves around guilt but that guilt has so many layers and goes so deep you can't even find the root of it.

I adored the fact that Sasha hated Kit with a passion. So much so that for a good portion of the book, he was snarling or sneering. I loved every second of that. Sasha was definitely my favorite. There's a twist about him that I'm not willing to spoil but it just endeared me to him even more than I already had. I loved that he had a personality that was so cold he could freeze a room. Kit was harder for me to like. I didn't like him as a person, not until the very end, and it was hard for me to read him. I couldn't tell what his intentions were towards Sasha because his actions and past said something totally different.

The premise revolves around the guilt Kit feels towards Cory, who was Sasha's partner until Kit tried to get between them. I liked that Sasha wasn't forgiving and feel like the title is very fitting for this story. Over the course of the book, Kit and Sasha slowly start to form some type of relationship that's interesting to see but also confusing. Confusing because I didn't exactly see the emotion between them. Not as much as I was hoping, however. This made the story feel slightly incomplete and I really wished it had been longer because I didn't feel like the ending was deserved. It needed to be fleshed out more and because of that, it's not exactly the HEA I was hoping for but more than a HFN.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. I liked that it had so many layers but I also liked that it was a slow read. A lot of it is about Kit who does grow as a character and realizes he actually has dreams and feelings of his own but is also about healing for both Kit and Sasha in more ways than one. I really loved it even with its faults. I'm hoping for a sequel but I'll be looking forward to any future reads by Ms. Bard. Definitely recommended.