Born This Way - Poppy Dennison I really enjoyed this story. It has a sweet and slow pace when it comes to the romance between Dayton and Hart. It was a lot of fun to read with some moments that had me chuckling.

I loved Dayton. He might be a puny human but he's a stubborn man that won't be bullied or pushed into anything he doesn't want to be. He's blissfully naive when it comes to being Hart's mate and shocked when he finally finds out. He was just so adorable. His actions were either funny or made me want to go awwww. Hart was completely sexy, IMO. I loved the whole Alpha Male thing and the fact that he was a liger and purred pretty much whenever he was holding Dayton, I adored it.

The story revolves around Dayton finding out that he's Hart's mate and, because of Hart's banishment, that puts Dayton into an awkward position. As the only human in the pride, no one is supposed to interact with Hart and that includes Dayton. Now Dayton has to pick between what he considers his family and Hart. It has sweet moments with a dash of suspense but also is a bit different than the traditional shifter story.

My only reservations is that there were some things left open-ended or unanswered such as the whole Rick thing but also a lot of the dynamics of the pride. More than that, since the story is sort of short, it sometimes felt too rushed with some scenes that were skipped over. There were scenes I felt were sort of crucial to the story, to get deeper into it (like the whole Rick situation) but were glossed over or skipped entirely. I'd have liked to see them actually played out instead of getting the recap weeks later.

Overall, I loved the characters. They had just enough depth to get to know them and like them. The conflict is a little vague but I still liked where it was headed. It could have been a bit longer but it's still a really enjoyable read especially with the secondary characters, they were a lot of fun to read about! While the story has a good enough ending to be complete, I desperately hope there's more to come of Dayton and Hart. It would be awesome to figure out how they're handling things now that everything has smoothed out, more or less.