Disasterology 101 - Taylor V. Donovan Having just finished reading this, I'm still processing my feelings but I can say with 100% certainty that I loved it. It deals with so many issues but it wasn't overwhelming. I enjoyed the journey that Cedric and Kevin took and how they eventually got to their HEA. It was sweet but pulled on my heartstrings at times to the point I just wanted to hug them both.

Kevin and Cedric are complete opposites. Where Cedric is neat and orderly, obsessed with cleanliness, the number 3 and having everything in the right place, Kevin lives around germs because of not only working at a construction site but also having three kids, which are magnets to germs. They're totally different but they can't resist each other. Cedric is so broken and really just a complete mess. His OCD and germaphobia were very well done, IMO. I don't have much experience in OCD but I work with and have family that have a phobia of germs and a lot of what is described in here is what I see often. It's hard for Cedric to be with Kevin because he feels he's inadequate and doesn't deserve someone like Kevin in addition to the strain his disorders cause him. He looks like a gangster but he's really a sweet guy that just wants someone of his own to love and a family that cares about him. Kevin is willing to give him that dream but Kevin has his own issues. Not only is Cedric ten years younger but he's quite a bit richer than Kevin. Kevin's old fashioned, he likes to be the breadwinner and he likes to take care of his partner. With Cedric, it's hard for him to do that because sometimes it makes Cedric's attacks more intense if he tries to help.

While I loved Cedric and felt really bad for him, I can't deny that Kevin was my favorite. I loved seeing Cedric go through his issues and work on them, he'll never be completely cured but he can get to a point that it's manageable to live with his illnesses. Kevin, though, I felt like had a harder time with it. Not only could he not really help Cedric but he tried so hard to make things easier on Cedric and I loved him more every time he did something that made Cedric be around him easier, whether that was taking five showers a day or popping a Listerine strip just for a kiss, I adored every single moment because of what he was willing to go through to stay with Cedric.

After Kevin and Cedric meet, they go through a lot of issues. Cedric's OCD and phobia of germs causes some strain between them but it's something Kevin is willing to look past to be with him. The story is about both of their progress in accepting not only who they are but how to fit each other into their lives. Kevin has to deal with being out and how having a partner such as Cedric might affect his life. Cedric has to deal with how just being with Kevin messes up his perfect order. Together they help each other grow as individuals and to fill the gaps in that have been missing in one another. It was easy for me to enjoy this story because it not only has a realistic feel to it but the characters and their situations are fascinating to read about. I loved seeing them together because they were intense even when they weren't having sex. Their passion was both sensual and hot and I loved every moment of it.

I think my only problem with the story was that I wanted some scenes to be shown such as the one where Cedric tells Kevin that he's decided to stay in America but I also realize that having shown that might have pushed the story too far for a reader. As it's already a monster of a book, I can understand why they weren't shown. However, I didn't have so much a problem that it took away from my enjoyment of the story, it just made me curious what would have happened if we'd seen it.

In the end, I adored this story. The characters were well fleshed out and lovable, the conflict and the troubles they both go through were realistic and engaging and I felt like the resolution and where they both end up fit the story and the characters very well. I'd love to see where they end up in a few years, as well as, seeing Kevin meet Cedric's family. It's definitely a story I'd recommend reading for those who want something engaging, long and a bit different than the current contemporaries already out there. I do hope there's more to come of Cedric and Kevin because I loved these boys to pieces!