Bonding - C.B. Conwy As a scifi/fantasy lover, I found this to be an interesting story with a fascinating setting. However, having picked this from a post apocalyptic list, in my opinion, this has nothing to do with a desolate or bleak setting so I was constantly wondering why this book was put on that list.

Regardless, I liked the overall story. I loved the world that it's based around and how aliens (Himika) have invaded Earth, trying to communicate with them and ended up making humans fear them instead. I adored most of the characters. Matt is this hothead who hates authority while Pietr is this sweet gentle alien. However, my favorite characters were probably Robbie and Aki. Robbie is this sweet little doc while Aki is this surly warrior. They are adorable together but I really wished we had gotten their story separately. Beyond that, I loved that the Himika had pointy ears and had the ability to mind read and such. I enjoyed the world that the author spun and how the Himika played a part in all of our historical discoveries. It was interesting to see it all unfold and even more so to see how Matt played a part in it and how much of a handful Matt ultimately was.

While I enjoyed the setting and the characters, I had a lot of issues with the story in general. Mostly, there was a ton of sex and it felt like it was back to back. To be honest, after the third scene, I started skipping them all together. I was also confused on some things and why they were necessary and still have questions leftover, such as what the Himika do with humans after they kidnap them. If what they do to Matt hadn't of worked, where would Matt have gone? Do they go back to their lives? Are they vegetables? It's confusing but mostly I was just overwhelmed by the constant sex to the point that I was struggling to get through the story and had a hard time coming back to it once I put it down.

All in all, this was a cute, sweet story. If you're a scifi lover and like smut, you'll enjoy this one but readers should know that this is a very sweet story, almost bordering on sappy.